12 Gay Movies Straight Out of LA


By Andrew Belonsky

There are definite themes in these 12 different movies about being gay in LA.

9. ALL OVER THE GUY (2001): Even if the the toothache-inducing plot of two men trying to make it work weren't sweet enough, Doris Roberts, Dan Bucatinsky and Andrea Martin, the actress who played Hedwig's manager and whose role in Pippin won her a 2013 Tony, give their all in this movie and almost every viewer will find something to love.

10. HOLLYWOOD, JE T'AIME (2009): Writer/Director Jason Bushman puts a French twist on the already familiar story of a gay man trying to make it big in the city of Angels. Co-starring Chad Allen and Eric Debets, Hollywood, je t'aime was described by Variety as a "polished crowd-pleaser," a tag many gays in LA already hold.

11. GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND (2011): Another account of a man who finds porny trouble in the Hollywood Hills and learns that being a star isn't all it's cracked up to be. Noticing a theme here?

12. STRAIGHT-JACKET (2004): Fictional actor Guy Stone is clearly a stand-in for Rock Hudson in this Fifties-inspired romance about a closeted star who tries to balance his career with his sex drive. Shenanigans, antics, and comedic errors ensue.