12 Gay Movies Straight Out of LA


By Andrew Belonsky

There are definite themes in these 12 different movies about being gay in LA.

5. CIRCUIT (2001): Depending on your point of view, this film about an Illinois cop who falls into LA's circuit scene is either a cautionary tale or hysteria-infused schlock.

6. LEATHER JACKET LOVE STORY (1997): Horror director David DeCoteau tried out a whole new genre with this rough and artful story of a poet who falls for a leather daddy.

7. THE BROKEN HEARTS CLUB (2000): This big-hearted romantic comedy boasts a pretty well-rounded, well-known cast: post-Lois and Clark Dean Cain, Timothy Olyphant, at that point famous for his roles in Scream 2 and The First Wives Club, and Andrew Keegan. Billy Porter, who just won a Tony for Kinky Boots, also appears in this film from Greg Berlanti, the writer/director who cut his teeth on Dawson's Creek before his more recent credits, including the television shows Political Animals and Arrow and the Green Lantern movie.

8. THE LIVING END (1992): It wouldn't be an gay LA rundown without at least one entry from Greg Araki, a director who sets many of his movies in Hollywoodland's shadows. In this one concerns two HIV positive men, one a cop-shooting drifter, the other a straight-laced movie critic, who go on a road trip that's hilarious, horrifying, and touching.