11 Gay, German Movies From 1924-2004


By Andrew Belonsky

German movies from the Weimer Republic, East Berlin, and the 21st Century.

6. Faustrecht der Freiheit ("Fox and His Friends"), 1975: Iconic New Cinema filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder directed, wrote, and starred in this story of a gay man who falls for a wealthy heir.

7. Taxi zum Klo ("Taxi to the John", or "Taxi to the Toilet"), 1981: Frank Ripploh's semi-autobiographical drama about a prim and proper school teacher with a hardcore after-hours sex life was groundbreaking and sensational for its time, and indeed remains a cult classic (and one of the sexiest gay films according to director John Cameron Mitchell). There's also a 1987 sequel called Taxi Nach Kairo.

8. Ein Virus kennt keine ("A Virus knows No Morals"), 1986: Released in 1986, at the height of the AIDS crisis, this musical uses comedy to address a terrifying plague. In this clip, the nurses use song to stress condom use and safer sex.

9. Coming Out ("Coming Out"), 1989: There's no need for translation to understand Heiner Carow's coming-of-age tale set in East Germany, which -- fun fact! -- premiered the very night the Berlin Wall collapsed.

10. Lola und Bilidikid (Lola and Billy The Kid), 1999: Writer/Director Kutluğ Ataman had hoped to film this story of a young man trying to reconcile his homosexuality with Islam in Turkey, the main character's family's homeland, but he couldn't shore up enough support. Thus, filming was moved to Berlin, where the movie actually takes place.

11. Männer wie wir ("Guys and Balls"), 2004: No, this flick -- which literally translates to "Men Like Us" -- isn't a camp remake of Guys and Dolls, though that would be spectacular. Instead, Sherry Hormann's rom-com tackles homophobia in sports by casting Maximilian Brückner as Ecki, a closeted soccer player who comes back strong after being booted from his team for being gay.