A Perfect Day: Murray Bartlett’s Sydney


By Out Contributor

The Aussie actor shares his favorite hangouts in his hometown

Pictured: Murray Bartlett | Photo by Nino Muñoz

On HBO’s Looking, Murray Bartlett plays Dom, a lothario who’s caught in a midlife growth spurt and finds himself swapping out his Grindr conquests for culinary ambitions — specifically, to open a restaurant and turn his home of San Francisco into a peri peri chicken mecca.

In real life, however, the Aussie actor is partial to grass-fed lamb, organic juices, and the perfect high-energy dance club, all of which can be found in his native Sydney, if you know where to look.

To point us in the right direction, we asked Bartlett to share his favorite haunts when he leaves the City by the Bay and heads back Down Under.

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