Choosing the Greatest Gay Bars in the World


By Editors

Help us check our list of the ultimate nights out



DJ Station
Silom Soi 2
Bangkok, Thailand
Tourists, expats, and locals all converge on DJ Station, where admission is the price of a drink, and you get a drink ticket with admission. That’s justice. The space consists of three industrial metallic levels and the dance floor is always in full swing. Thai boys have the taste for a new face even when it’s an old face. At DJ Station fresh meat is ageless, and there’s so much body contact on the dance floor, one wonders if the sexy locals are looking to dance, find love, or pick a pocket. Probably all those things, but who cares? It’s Bangkok.


Silom Soi 2/1
Bangkok, Thailand
Down a dark and gritty alley in Patpong, look for a brightly illuminated sign reading G.O.D. (Guys on Display). This three-level club is packed with stages, cages, and zebra-patterned couches. G.O.D.’s notorious drag shows get going after 5 A.M. and continue into the late hours of the morning.

Vertigo at Banyan Tree

21/100 South Sathon Road Sathon
Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Situated 61 floors above the bustling streets of Bangkok, Vertigo restaurant’s Moon Bar is the highest outdoor bar in the Asia-Pacific region. Settle in for stunning views, sumptuous cocktails, and an unexpectedly inventive barbecue menu. Don’t let the setting sun distract you from finding visiting corporate executives flashing black Amex cards and suggestive smiles.


Pegs ‘n’ Pints
Chanakya Lane (behind Akbar Bhawan)
New Delhi
Delhi’s queer chameleons get karma points for coming out of the closet on this Tuesday-only gay night (the only regular public gay venue outside the city’s cruisey parks). MTV India and Bollywood showstoppers play on a loungey level overlooking the small dance floor.


Fusion Bar at Dwarika's Hotel

Kathmandu, Nepal
An unassuming valet stands guard outside a small door on one of Kathmandu’s busiest streets, and just beyond the door lies Dwarika’s Hotel, a cluster of the most painstakingly handcrafted terra-cotta- and wood-adorned buildings in the city. Poolside at the two-level bar is the best spot for evening cocktails and live music. The crowd, though mostly straight, is almost exclusively expat, so if there’s a well-heeled homo traveling through Kathmandu at the same time you are, chances are he’ll swing through here.


GC Bar

5 Bao Khanh St. near Hoan Kiem Lake in the bar district of the Old Hanoi Quarter


In Hanoi’s French Quarter the solid-oak bar at GC (Golden Cock) greets you from the street while a huge pool table dominates a back room full of expats, transvestites, and hairless Hanoi hipsters. Farther back is a lovely open-air garden. A word of caution: GC not only closes early but is also often raided by local police—even if at last visit they seemed more interested in the pool stick–straddling transvestites than in pimping bribes.

Apocalypse Now
2C Thi Sach St.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


One of the oldest clubs in the former Saigon, AN is the unofficial after-hours spot in the city. Amiable pimps and local prostitutes shoot pool as hordes of foreigners drink tequila and party until dawn. The best night for those looking for action is Tuesday.



Your Local Bar

The only venue that you'll vouch for is undeniably your personal favorite, whether it offers the best beer, liquor or good time. So send us a description of your notable watering hole. Does it stage the raunchiest burlesque? Does it offer the most bang for your buck? Are the burly bartenders delectable? Tell us all about it and you might see it listed in our next Greatest Gay Bars in the World.