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Easy, breezy, beautiful. 

November 16 2016 1:22 PM

"Now more than ever, I want to offer my support to the community as an ally," wrote former Out cover star Falahee on Twitter.

November 15 2016 5:09 PM

“I always thought it would be interesting to see him become a father in some way because he was also obsessed with youth at the beginning of the series," said creator Michael Lannan about Dom's character.

November 15 2016 12:55 PM

"Why can't black men explore their sexuality without being labeled as gay, or bi, or whatever?"

November 15 2016 10:10 AM

“This is not a short-term problem.”  

November 14 2016 12:26 PM

SJP, Cohen, and his parents hilariously impersonated the SATC gals during one of their infamous conversations about bisexuality.

November 14 2016 11:09 AM

The Democratic Senator from California appeared on Chelsea the day after the election to offer advice on how Americans can stay involved in the political process during the Trump era.

November 12 2016 10:18 PM