Jonathan Groff Defends Patrick’s AIDS Panic

The Looking star also discusses his character's complicated relationship with Agustín

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Lee Daniels on How Empire's Gay Content is Changing Minds

The writer, director, and producer's Fox hit is further evidence of TV's growing, increasingly diverse embrace of LGBT …

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10 Qs: Desiree Akhavan

The filmmaker and actress discusses Tila Tequila, looking like Freddie Mercury & Girls

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Why Glee's Coach Beiste Came Out as a Trans Man

The tough-but-tender football coach, played by lesbian actress Dot-Marie Jones, is finally ready to be honest with the …

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GIF-cap: 'Looking for Results'

'Panic and the City'

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From Bullying to Boyfriends to Bear Icon

Catching up with Max Adler on his first season of Glee to the series' finale

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Goodbye Damian, Hello Daniel Franzese

Ten years after Mean Girls, the actor is so gay, it functions

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GIF-cap: 'Looking for the Promised Land'

The boys go into the woods.

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Have You Ever Dated a Gay Nerd?

In this exclusive clip from Bravo's Friends to Lovers, Charley, Darion and their friends discuss the dating scene in …

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The Gay Black TV Show You Shouldn't Miss

Jussie Smollett is the breakout young star in Lee Daniels' new TV show Empire.

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The Glee-Bye Begins

Five things to expect when the kids of McKinley return to Fox for the final season

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10 Qs: Archer’s Pam Poovey

The spy agency’s director of human resources answers the tough questions.

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Will Looking Grow in Season 2?

The show seems to address Season 1 criticism by amping up the size of its cast and the amount of sex on screen.

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Galavant, the Camp-tastic (and Shirtless)

As the knight in the ABC musical, sexy Joshua Sasse has set out on his melodic journey

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Whitney’s Yolonda Ross On Playing Robyn Crawford: 'It’s a Love Triangle.'

Also: Is Foxcatcher’s gay stuff 'sickening' and 'insulting'?

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Mickey of The Comeback: No Matter What, Valerie Cherish 'Will Survive'

'Just give Lisa Kudrow the Emmy now,' says Robert Michael Morris.

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