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  • Power List 2013: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS

    Power List 2013: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS

    Actor, 39 The indefatigable Harris has hosted the Tony Awards three times, received two People’s Choice awards for Favorite TV Comedy Actor, and signed a book deal for a tell-all memoir, set to be released in 2014. When he’s not having fun producing and acting in his own web series or collaborating on other side projects, he’s bringing home $200,000 per episode on the longest bedtime story of all time, How I Met Your Mother , to his adorable family, David Burtka and twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace. Return to Complete List

    Story - 2013-04-10 06:42

  • Out Celebrates Love (Issue)

    Out Celebrates Love (Issue)

    Shots from our party at XL Nightclub to celebrate the February 2012 issue of 'Out,' sponsored by Chambord vodka.   On February 17, Out hosted a party to celebrate its Love Issue, featuring Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka on the cover. The party took place at the newly opened XL Nightclub and was sponsored by Chambord vodka.  Over 350 guests showed up to sip the Fleur De Lis and French Martini cocktails on hand with DJ Shawn Lisle spinning.  The event was a benefit for Hetrick

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  • What Is Your Favorite Out Cover?

    What Is Your Favorite Out Cover?

    We asked you to choose your favorite cover from the first 20 years of Out. Here are the top three winners For Out 's 20th anniversary, we selected a 20 covers from each year since 1992 and asked you to vote for your favorite . At first things moved along slowly, and then the Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns began and took over. While Pete Wentz (August 2008) started out with a clear lead, Darren Criss (March 2011) soon caught up and surpassed it, but then Pete nosed ahead near the finish line. But

    Story - 2012-10-16 13:10

  • When Stars Collide

    When Stars Collide

    What started as a brief encounter transformed two loving men. Photography by Matthew Kristall Styling by Grant Woolhead NEIL PATRICK HARRIS I ran into my friend Kate one day and she was with this brooding, James Dean–type guy in a leather jacket who gave me the head nod and then turned away. I assumed he was Kate’s boyfriend and said, “Nicely done.” And she said, “David? He’s not playing on my team, but he has a boyfriend.” So, then I just kept seeing him on the periphery, and in turn, catching up

    Story - 2012-01-18 15:17

  • The Morning After the Night Before: Out Celebrates 20 Years

    The Morning After the Night Before: Out Celebrates 20 Years

    An oral history of how a group of dedicated people turned a big idea into a bigger reality. Early in the spring of 1992, about the time when the 46-year-old governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, was trailing both President George Bush and independent Ross Perot in the polls, an article in The New York Times noted a surge in gay media that was challenging the old consensus that gay press had been defined by protest and advocacy. Among several new titles was one that called itself, with pointed brashness, Out .

    Story - 2012-09-18 12:00

  • Out 100: Ricky Martin

    Out 100: Ricky Martin

    On March 29th of this year, Ricky Martin made a decision that would change everything. He posted a letter on his website and linked to it from Twitter. The letter outlined the process of writing his upcoming memoir, during which Martin came to realize that he needed to free himself of a particular burden. Writing about it, he added, was 'a solid step toward my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.' He closed the letter, with a beautiful, eloquent, and simple declaration: 'I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I

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