Roll Over, Tchaikovsky! Sex, the body & pop music in modern urban Russia

Musicologist Stephen R. Amico discusses Russian popular music and post-Soviet homosexuality

Pussy Riot On Protest, Prison, and Putin

Members of the Russian punk protest band joined Klaus Biesenbach for a conversation about Putin, government oppression, …

By James McDonald

Vladimir Putin: The Advocate’s Person of the Year

The Russian President has made the biggest impact on LGBT rights this year, it’s just a negative one.

By Alex Panisch

Russia, Under the Microscope

Two new docs depict gay life in a divided country.

By Daniel D'Addario

Crimean Leader Promises Crackdown On LGBT Demonstrations

Putin’s man in Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov: 'We don’t need such people.'

By Alex Panisch

Daily Crush: BL33N T-Shirt For Russia

A visual reminder of the struggle LGBTQ people still face around the world

By Editors

Daily Crush: Madonna's T-Shirt For HRC & Russia

Madonna joins forces with the Human Rights Campaign in support of Russian LGBT advocates

By Julien Sauvalle

Queer Kiss-In at Brooklyn Ikea

In response to Ikea's censorship, a group staged a same-sex love demo

By Jerry Portwood

Ikea Removes Lesbian Couple From Its Russian Magazine

Russia's anti-gay laws strikes again

By Jesse Steinbach

Lady Gaga Will Become The First Artist To Sing In Space

...and 5 other things you need to know today

By Jesse Steinbach

WATCH: What Happens When A Gay Olympian Wins At The Sochi Games?

Do they live a dream or live a lie?

By Stacy Lambe

Are German Winter Olympics Uniforms Subversive or Ugly?

A 'rainbow' design is being called out as a silent protest against Russia's anti-gay laws

By Jerry Portwood

Hey Met, This Time It's Artistic

The Met claims its 'artistic mission' precludes political action. Yeah, right.

By Andrew Belonsky

Russian Activist Nikolai Alexseyev Twitter Meltdown?

Following a commentary this morning, the LGBT activist has declared that he'll quit activism, and maybe assassinate …

By Editors

Nikolai Alexeyev: The Kremlin’s New Pocket Gay

Michael Lucas, who grew up in Russia, says something very strange has happened to Russian LGBT rights activist Nikolai …

By Michael Lucas