In his final film role, the late actor shines an empathetic light on the closeted.

July 12 2015 9:32 AM

Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy & Kate McKinnon — all suited up.

July 10 2015 6:14 PM

Bll Nye the Science Guy lays it all on the table about homosexuality in nature.

July 10 2015 5:37 PM

Professional soccer's only out male player refuses to hide who he is, even if he's playing in a World Cup hosted in countries with harsh anti-LGBT laws. 

July 10 2015 4:54 PM

'From early childhood, Jazz just wanted to be seen as the girl she knew she was.'

July 10 2015 4:32 PM

He takes being surprised in front of thousands of strangers very well.

July 10 2015 4:09 PM

The Orange is the New Black hunk is taking a pointed stance on nipple equality.

July 10 2015 3:59 PM