It’s totally adorable… and slightly gross.

2:00 PM

Although he could lose the man bun.

12:07 PM

All the parts that had us screaming at our television. Spoiler alert, obviously. 

12:00 PM

It's the second installment in the 'Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy,' which continues exploring themes of young love, self-identity, coming-of-age, and acceptance.

11:44 AM

First making waves on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the Fashion Queens host dishes about getting his dream role on Empire.

11:15 AM

The chef-owner of Anissa in New York is known to many from the first season of Top Chef

10:33 AM

The sexy comedy sequel also stars Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, and Dave Franco.

September 24 2015 5:04 PM