What better way to celebrate Xmas than with your favorite divas belting out your favorite carols?

December 25 2015 11:25 AM

The emancipation of Mimi's cinematic vision. 

December 24 2015 3:30 PM

The year included some great investigations into queer stories.

December 24 2015 12:00 PM

The 1994 ensemble comedy features Liev Schreiber as a trans woman, Juliette Lewis as an angry pregnant lady, and John Stewart and Parker Posey as a rollerblading couple.

December 24 2015 9:28 AM

Driving may be a drag, but getting in a car with Erika Simone is anything but....

December 23 2015 4:45 PM

He plays Hodor on Game of Thrones, but he's also a world-traveling DJ.

December 23 2015 4:37 PM

Shockingly, no one fell in love.

December 23 2015 1:55 PM