An Evening with Nick Cearley

The breakout star of Pageant guides us through a night of wigs and performing in his skivvies

Hot List 2011: Rory O'Malley

For many who didn't catch Rory O'Malley's 2006 Broadway debut in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, …

By Bill Keith

A Sleepy Hollow Wedding

One blind date eleven years ago led to this historic walk down the aisle.

By Jon Roth

Hot List 2011: Snooki

Once, not long ago, fame required talent. That was the deal. You had to be able to act, or sing, or write, or, at the …

By Noah Michelson

The Hidden 105

A response from three readers to our controversial 2011 Power 50 aims to celebrate a diverse group of LGBT people often …


Twenty Three Love Stories

Our favorite couples—including Tom Ford and Richard Buckley, the cover stars of our first ever Love issue—share their …

By Editors

Fifth Annual Power 50

The most influential gays and lesbians in America starring Apple's Tim Cook, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Shepard …

By Editors

Pulling a Ricky Martin

If you wait long enough, they always come out. (OK, not always. We've given up on Barry Diller, a lot of the fashion …

By Editors

Three Kids, Two Dads, One Uncle

When Robert Christmas invited his gay uncle to move in with him and his partner and their three children, the concept of …

By Steven Thrasher

4th Annual Power 50

Our fourth annual list of the richest, most influential, most feared gays.

By Editors

Out 100: Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus has plenty of reason to pop the cork in 2010. This past May, after executing 127 home makeovers, he left The …

By Editors

Out 100: Julianne Moore

Is there anyone you'd rather ask to ride a white horse bareback in a Ferragamo gown than Julianne Moore? On the day …

By Editors

Editor's Letter: It's Getting Better, Sort Of

In his new memoir, Me, Ricky Martin recalls the last-minute efforts of friends and colleagues to dissuade him from …

By Aaron Hicklin

16th Annual Out100

To be the first out head of a major film studio is no small thing. Even more impressive? No-one is talking about it. For …

By Editors

Out 100: Rachel Maddow

'Things are moving, so there's an unpredictability that makes covering the news very exciting,' says Rachel …

By Editors

Out 100: Johnny Weir

It's difficult to deny the dynamism of Johnny Weir's ice skating. Since he entered the sport 14 years ago at …

By Editors

Out 100: Ricky Martin

On March 29th of this year, Ricky Martin made a decision that would change everything. He posted a letter on his website …

By Aaron Hicklin