Out100 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Troye Sivan

The YouTube star has translated his fame into pop music and acting, and he continues to influence youth around the globe


These notables are on the Power List radar

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What Does LGBT Power Look Like in 2014?

Tim Cook, Rachel Maddow, and Tammy Baldwin are in the top 5; newcomers Michael Sam and Robin Roberts crack the top 10; …

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Football is King

With more out gay athletes playing in pro sports, it will still take a man with a helmet to tackle America and change it …

By Cyd Zeigler

When Visibility Becomes Power

Trans women are being heard—and seen.

By Les Fabian Brathwaite

The Internet Celebrity Army

How online social networks have changed the playing field in ways we still don’t quite understand.

By Stacy Lambe

The 8th Annual Power 50

Who has it? How do they wield it? Whom does it affect? Our ranking of the most influential LGBT voices in American …

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Power 50

Who Has It? How Do They Wield It? Whom Does it Affect? Our Ranking of the Most Influential LGBT Voices in American …

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Founders, Slate PR, 50/53Halls has three sons with his actor partner Matt Bomer, but it’s his business partnership …

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Power List 2014: RUPAUL CHARLES

Actor/Producer/Author, 53By now, one would expect RuPaul to have passed the mantle of America’s Drag Queen …

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Power List 2014: CHUCK WOLFE

CEO, the Victory Fund, 51The organization has a simple objective: Get LGBT leaders elected into public office. As its …

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Power List 2014: ROBERTA KAPLAN

Lawyer, 47Edith Windsor led the charge against the Defense of Marriage Act, but Kaplan was the force behind the icon. …

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Power List 2014: JENNA LYONS

President & Executive Creative Director, J. Crew, 45The creative director of the preppy brand continues to clothe …

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Power List 2014: NICK DENTON

CEO, Gawker Media, 47With old media getting savvier and BuzzFeed on the rise, Denton has seen his digital media empire …

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