Danny Rose & Aaron Rosenberg

An epic video proposal and 'engagement watches' were the creative touches for the engagement of this 'Hollywood gay …

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Gifts From Around the World

U.S.A., France, Japan, India.

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50 Essential Gay Films

Which gay movies deserve a bigger audience? We asked our favorite directors, entertainers, and artists to help us …

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OUT100 presented by Buick: The Red Carpet

The Boldest Moments from 2012's OUT100 red carpet.

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Sketchy Sharon Needles

Illustrator Paul Tuller sketches his way through the Out100 party (and inks later)

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J. Crew Endorses the Gay Crew

J. Crew’s website has always had a bridal section, but this time there's no bride!

By Jay Schwartz

Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Cocktail Party

Razzle dazzle 'em with these cocktail party must-haves.

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OUT100's Boldest Moments presented by Buick

The Boldest Moments from 2012’s OUT100 signature event

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Sounds of Out100

Listen to songs by this year's musical honorees.

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EXCLUSIVE: Out100 2012 Outtakes

Additional photos of this year's most compelling people of 2012.

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Behind the Scenes

Michael Urie's Out100 Shoot.

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Maryland, Maine Launch Gay Wedding Sites

For new states that now have marriage equality, getting hitched never looked so easy.

By Michael Lambert

Time to Put a Ring on it, Washington

Same-sex couples in Washington state can get marriage licences beginning December 6.

By Benjamin Lindsay

Gifts From Around the World: USA

Proud to be Americans, these jacks and colored pencils draw one back to the whimsical innocence of schoolyard days. For …

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Out100 2012: The Covers

Andrew Rannells, Sharon Needles, Boy George, and Jane Lynch 

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