Indiana minister risked his congregation by marrying a gay couple

An Indiana minister risked his congregation by marrying the couple earlier this year

Christopher Hibma and Harrison Thompson

The couple has celebrated their union on two continents

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Gentlemanly Pursuits: The Wedding

How to dress (and prepare) for the party—even if you're not the one getting hitched

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The Perfect Registry

Can't figure out what you need for your wedding registry? Let Macy's help.

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Spring Break: A Family Wedding Adventure

Invading the nation's capital, Central Park: Kacey Frierson & Chwanda Nixon took their family on a crazy 'I Do …

By Jerry Portwood

15 Powerful 20th Century Legends

A look at a few of the most influential—both for good and bad—LGBT people of the last century

By Jerry Portwood

Bradford Shellhammer & Georgi Balinov

Actress Sandra Bernhard led the opulent-yet-quirky ceremony at the Russian Tea Room in New York

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The Conservative Gay Tipping Point

It's too soon to call the GOP gay-friendly, but the rise of the pro-gay marriage Republican is a sign of a shift

By Jason Farago

Confronting Rap's Last Taboo

With the rise of outspoken, in-your-face queer MCs, is there any room left for homophobia in hip-hop?

By Steph Kretowicz

Power List 2013: On the Radar

Seven notables coming up fast.

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The Power List 2013

Welcome to our 7th annual ranked list of the gay men and women whose power and prestige is instrumental in influencing …

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Power List 2013: RUPAUL CHARLES

Actor/Producer/Author, 52Gender pronouns have never been as fluid in everyday conversation as they are after six …

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Power List 2013: PEREZ HILTON

Blogger/TV personality, 35Originally the queen of gossip, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., a.k.a. Perez Hilton, has tried …

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Web Entrepreneurs, 41, 36

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Founders, Slate PR, 49, 52While he’s known to the general public as Mr. Matt Bomer (the couple have three sons …

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Power List 2013: MEGAN SMITH

Google Executive/Inventor, 48For nine years, Smith was in charge of business development and overseeing the tech …

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Power List 2013: DAN SAVAGE

Editor/Activist/Author, 48 After same-sex marriage passed in Washington State in the 2012 election, Savage and his …

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