Sean Hayes Gets Hitched!

The Will & Grace star and his longtime boyfriend have announced tying the knot last week in a secret ceremony.

OUT100: Wilson Cruz

Actor & Activist

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Out100 20th Anniversary Covers Revealed

Sam Smith, Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto, and Samira Wiley featured on this year's anniversary issue.

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OUT100: Samira Wiley

Ingenue Of The Year

By Mike Berlin

OUT100: Ellen Page

Entertainer Of The Year

By R. Kurt Osenlund

OUT100: Sam Smith

Breakout Of The Year

By Jason Lamphier

OUT100: Zachary Quinto

Artist Of The Year

By Mike Berlin

OUT100: Andrew Haigh

Director, Writer, Producer

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OUT100: Francisco Costa & Italo Zuccheli & Kevin Carrigan

Creative Directors of Calvin Klein

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OUT100: Cole Escola & Jeffery Self

Comedy Writers and Performers

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OUT100: Terrence McNally


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OUT100: Christine Vachon & Eugene Hernandez

Film Producer, Film Executive

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OUT100: Thomas Schumacher & Chad Beguelin

Playwright and Producer

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OUT100: Cheryl Furjanic & Nancy Kates


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OUT100: Andy Butler

DJ, Producer

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OUT100: Elvis Duran

Radio Host

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