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Vinny Buzzetta's 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

Vinny Buzzetta's 10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

1. A good start is choosing your cake flavors based on the season in which your wedding will take place.

2. Order 25-30 servings less of your cake then what you need if you plan on having a "Venetian Hour" (which involves offering a large selection of pastries, fruit, cakes and coffees in addition to the main cake).

3. Integrate your wedding colors into the cake design.

4. Monogrammed toppers are IN; Couples figurines are OUT.

5. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to keep cakes cool.

6. For simple designs, sugar flowers always add a nice touch.

7. Square and petal-shaped cakes are just as beautiful as rounds.

8. Always give your cake decorator at least two weeks advance notice.

9. It's a smart idea to have a cake tasting before placing an order for your cake (and it's not a bad way to spend an afternoon).

10. In lieu of a traditional cake, cupcake towers are a fun and on-trend option.

For more info or to order a cake from The Cake Artist, visit the bakery's official website:TheCakeArtistNYC.com
Staten Island Cakes airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET on WE tv. For more info on the show, head here.