Gift Registries

Gift Registries

1. Barneys
This uptown institution may be known for its passion for fashion, but don't forget it has a divine home selection, too. That being said, there's nothing wrong with demanding that your guests buy you those Prada wingtips you've both been lusting after.

2. I Do Foundation
Maybe love is all you need? Fine, have your guests give to a great cause (of your choice) instead of to your future love nest:
I Do Foundation

3. Crate&Barrel
Once you're both settled into the day-to-day humdrum of married life, you'll quickly find that a crock pot, espresso machine and a killer cheese board will provide you infinite amounts of sick, domestic pleasure.

4. ABC Home
This is a New York City homeware institution, an urbane urbanites dream come true. Trick out your new pad (two people sharing the rent on a one-bedroom means its time for an upgrade) with some of the stores amazing offerings.
ABC Home

5. Honeyfund
Let's say you're madly in love, you're getting married but you're not exactly rolling in the dough (especially seeing as you probably just spent a ton of cash on the reception). Honeyfund allows you to create the honeymoon of your dreams and then allows your friends and family to contribute towards it. Turks and Caicos, here you come!