#Out100: Behind the Scenes & Outtakes


By Out.com Editors

Maulik Pancholy & Jinkx Monsoon, Wentworth Miller, George Takei on that bearskin rug, Lea DeLaria's mini-me, Edie Windsor and her dove take flight, and more!

The Out100 is a long, complicated project that involves hundreds and hundreds emails, phone calls, logistical details, favors, and friends. All the hard work pays off when we share the portfolio of images with readers and fans.

One solitary photographer, this year Danielle Levitt (along with her team), photographs every honoree all over the country—and the world. We flew back and forth between the coasts, and even had a stint in Paris to capture all the folks included in this year's Out100. During the long, exhausting (yet fun-filled) days of photo shoots, all bets are off as we have a gay ol' time. For example, actor Maulik Pancholy got to meet RuPaul's Drag Race winner (and reality TV star) Jinkx Monsoon in a diner in Brooklyn. Two very different TV worlds colliding. 

While shooting comedian and Orange is the New Black TV star Lea DeLaria at the Oyster Bar in New York City's Grand Central station, a young fan happened to walk by. "A mini-me!" DeLaria shouted, dragging the young woman over to be photographed. "Isn't she fierce?" her mother, who was standing off to the side, but glad to lend her daughter to the shoot, remarked. Yes, we think this young Jodie Foster has star power just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Actor Billy Porter (left) was the third person we photographed on the first day of shooting on July 2, 2013. Here he is taking a break in the dressing room of the 13th Street Repertory in New York City. Architect and designer Becca McCharen (far right) was joined by her romantic and business partner Christine Tran during the shoot in Fast Ashleys Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.