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By Gregory Miller

Really, why?
Because my parents rented it in an attempt to be supportive. I know it has pedophilia, a guy having sex with his father, and crap and shit and bar jokes. Every time I wanted to watch it, I just cringed thinking about what my parents had seen trying to be supportive of their 'son' -- in quotes. So yeah, never got to see that one, but I had a blast filming it.

Is there anything off limits for you to joke about?
Well, yes. I mean, there is. There are certain racial boundaries that you can't cross. I would say that AIDS humor is still pretty taboo. I saw a recent play by Jackie Beat, who managed to work it in in a way that a New York City audience found acceptable. The thing that I think people should understand is that if someone makes a joke about AIDS, I don't think they're necessarily laughing at your condition. It's different for different jokes. Different jokes have different meanings. I think humor is a great pressure reliever. I know that since HIV was born, every pimple has been a lesion, every cold has been pneumonia for me because I'm a hypochondriac. So to give a joke about it kind of takes the specter away. So, it's just different things for different people. I have black friends, and I love nothing more than for them to call me 'Cracker' because in my mind that signifies they are comfortable enough with me to make off-color remarks which others would find offensive. But there's a difference between what you do in public and in private.

In a lot of what you do, it seems like you have a political voice, which a lot of drag performers don't. Why is that important to you?
I'm not super political in my nightclub act because it's hard to get the message of any complexity when everyone's drunk late at night. But come on, people, get it together! We gotta get this country back on track. I'm really happy that gays are outraged by this rush of suicides -- I'm glad that it has brought us together -- looking on the bright side, because that sounds horrible. These suicides have always been going on. It's just that [now] they've all been happening at once. We've got to stop being so reactionary and we've got to start being proactive and angry and demanding our rights. To me, the repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' is not high on my priority list. I think it is gays' equal right to serve if they want to, but why would you look at Iraq and Afghanistan and say let me go die in the war in the country that we're fighting for weapons of mass destruction, which they never had? Why does that seem like a noble calling? I don't get it.

Fair enough.
And I'm a slut, so gay marriage is not overly important to me [laughs]. I mean, the country's going to the dogs, and the thing that's driving me crazy is I'm hearing gays say 'Oh, I'm not going to go vote. I voted for Hillary. I never liked Obama.' And I'm like "OK, I'm not 100% thrilled with everything Obama or the Democrats have done either. But Hillary is not running in this election coming up." [Laughs] So quit whining, and make sure you get out there and vote and make sure that the crazy antigay, anti-Muslim, racist, anti-immigrant party who is only pro-big business does not get into power! How soon we forget that it was Republican policies that got us in the mess we're in. Obama is just trying to clean it up. What has he had? Two years? And this is with a Democratic majority, but not that big of a majority. And the Republicans have plainly stated they want Obama to fail, which is basically saying they want U.S. to fail. So, I don't think that's a good idea [to] just sit back and say, 'I'm not happy.' The Republicans are crazy. I mean, look at Sharron Angle. She wants to bring back prohibition of alcohol. And she represents Nevada? Home of Las Vegas!

What would you do if prohibition were reinstated?
Well, for me, it would be easy. I would just simply step up my intake of ecstasy, acid, cocaine, heroin, and poppers. Which as you can tell, I am so fond of doing before every interview.

What's your take on the 'It Gets Better' campaign?
I think people -- gay and straight -- were genuinely harmed by these suicides, coming in such a large number in such a short time. Now, if you're going to maintain that level of outrage, and start making some demands and complaints about bullying -- which face it, most of us went through, I know I did -- then that's a development. However, if you're just going to change your Facebook picture to one of the kids who was a victim of this for one week, then that's not really going to do very much. The same way that putting 'Equality' as your middle name on Facebook is not a very strong statement. It's better than nothing. But it does get better, because you will soon be old enough to drink, and have sex, and hang out with only gay people. And you will not be bullied by straights anymore, you'll be bullied by size queens.

Moment of truth: Do you ever get a headache from the weight of your hair?
I don't get a headache, but I do get a neck ache. Let me just say I'm keeping a chiropractor and massage therapist quite well-off. But at the same time, the weight of the wigs strengthens my neck muscles, which you know, makes me good for other neck-oriented exercise.

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