Where Are They Now: Lady Bunny


By Gregory Miller

The only thing more recognizable than Lady Bunny's southern rasp is probably her enormous hair, which is often blue. This year, the drag icon worked it as a judge on RuPaul's Drag U and sent the blogosphere in a tizzy over her raunchy YouTube parody of Katy Perry's 'California Gurls.' We caught up with Lady B to talk about that now-infamous video, the state of gay politics, and of course, her promiscuity.

Out: Where on Earth did you get the idea to make your Katy Perry parody, 'West Virginia Girls'?
Lady Bunny: This was my attempt to do a YouTube video that wasn't as dirty as the rest of my act [laughs]. This was my attempt to be PG, and I'm not sure it worked on that level. But I've gotten a lot of good feedback from it, and it's gotten a healthy number of hits. Sherry Vine is a friend of mine and she's done these hugely successful Lady Gaga parodies, and she said 'Don't change [the settings] so that you approve the comments on your YouTube video.' And so, I thought, You know what? Let me just see what comes out of the woodwork. Because people are very, very hateful when they're anonymous. I was shocked because some people were like -- someone even put as -- 'This is hate speech!' I'm like, Wait a minute! Number 1, when you do a parody, you have to have words that fit into the same rhyme scheme, so it could be 'West Virginia Girls' but it couldn't be 'Maine Girls' because Maine has one syllable and California has four!

Of course.
So anyway, it's not like I went around and did a scientific survey of which state has the ugliest girls and tried to pinpoint them with hate speech! I just' this video was born out of my desire to play an inbred, toothless hag, which I thought I was very convincing as. I put on 50 pounds for that video. Well, I put them on 10 years ago [laughs].

Long-term preparation, huh? That's dedication.
Yeah. You know, I'm from Tennessee, so I have no business criticizing anybody -- we're the other end of Appalachia. I can criticize my sisters.

Do you know anybody from West Virginia?
I don't. I did perform there once. But I just performed in Richmond, Virginia, at their gay pride event. They didn't seem to mind it, but you know, you don't mind criticizing your neighbors. The thing that I think was the most offensive was that I say they're unemployable. Let's face the fact, America is becoming a third world country. The whole country is now experiencing conditions similar to what is in West Virginia, where there are very few employment opportunities. There are so few that you have to have dangerous mining jobs.

Are there any other songs on the radio right now you're ready to make fun of?
Well, Pink's new song 'Raise Your Glass' does rhyme with ass'

Maybe that would be a glasses and bottles insert[ion] video that we would do on XTube.

I read you're in a short film called I Was a Tranny Werewolf. What's happening with that?
They sent it to me, and I didn't watch it [laughs]. That's horrible. You know, I never saw Another Gay Sequel either.

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