Where Are They Now: Sandra Bernhard


By Gregory Miller

What made you decide to get into world music?
The man who wrote that project approached me because he's very involved in world music. It's not necessarily something I would have done. But I thought the music was beautiful, and he wanted to produce it with me being the singer of the project. It was a great opportunity, so why now? I think it's great to present multicultural art to the world in a palatable, interesting platform, which it was. So that's why I got involved with that.

Do you still incorporate that into your act?
Yeah, I do some of the songs in my show. For sure. I honestly like it better live than I do on the album. I think stripped down and just kind of acoustic -- it sounds better. But he wanted to bring in all these other musicians, so I just let him do it. But now that I do it live, I actually like it better.

Is the fan base the same?
I think every time you do something that steps a little bit outside your perimeter, it brings in new people. I know when I'm on Howard Stern, I've had people like union guys who love me. You know what I mean? It's fun to draw on people from all different worlds who even though they may not think exactly the way I think, there's some sort of connective tissue. It's a nice thing.

Are you sick of people asking about your gig on Roseanne?
Oh no, never. Not at all. It was such a great show, and I still have so many fans because people still watch it. And it's, I think, still relevant because so many people are in that position now of struggling. It was such a popular show with so many great ideas put into it that it's timeless. It was one of the best shows that was ever on TV.

What about the Madonna stuff? Are you tired of being asked about that yet?
No, I mean, we haven't been friends in 20 years. We bump into each other, but she has her own universe, which is very clear to everybody, so' [laughs]. It was fun when we were friends in the day, and it was a great time. But we're not friends anymore, so there's nothing to really say about it, other than to say it was a good time when we were.

You just appeared at an event with Perez Hilton. Are you friends?
You know something, no. I don't even know if we'd really met before. We're obviously in the same sort of universe. It's fun to do something with him, and he certainly reaches a lot of people, which I think is really cool.

Do you buy that he's a changed man?
If people want to change, they can change. It depends on why they want' maybe there's something personal that he wanted to transform in his life. It's certainly possible.

What's happening with the film you're filming with Michael Urie?
Actually, that got pushed to the spring. That'll be shooting in Chicago because they couldn't secure the location. And when winter hits in Chicago -- I think there's a bad storm there now -- it kind of ruins the whole thing. So we'll shoot that in April or May. I imagine it will be fun with good people involved and a really great script.

Anything else you're up to?
There are some TV projects that I'm going to be pitching to the networks out in L.A. And also I spent the summer writing a musical with Justin Bond, and we're in the process of getting that set up, as well. It's a great musical, a great idea, and I think people will just really dig it.

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