Hot List 2011: Snooki


By Noah Michelson

There aren't a lot of positive examples of female sexuality on television, but you're very much in charge of your sexual encounters and you've never been ashamed to bring a guy back to the house for some smooshing.
[To her father] Dad, can you go away? It's really weird talking about sexuality with you here [laughs]. The thing about us Guidos and Guidettes is that it's a lifestyle. The guys like to go out -- they like to hook up. So do the girls. I definitely don't like the stereotype of when a guy hooks up, it's like, 'Oh, he's a man.' And if a girl hooks up, 'Oh, she's a whore' or 'She's a big slut -- she's easy.' I don't like that at all. So for me, when I went back to Jersey, I had had a terrible breakup in Miami, and I just hated the male race. I was like, 'Screw it all. I'm just gonna fuck with these guys' minds. I'm going to do me.' So, that's pretty much what I did in Jersey. I was a single girl. If I want to go out and hook up with a guy and bring him home, I'll do it. That doesn't mean sleep with him. You can make out, cuddle, whatever. I can do that, and if people don't like it, don't watch me.

There's a rumor going around that if World Wrestling Entertainment offered you a full-time contract, you'd take it. True or false?
When WWE approached me, at first I was like, No way! I'm going to break a nail. This is not for me. This is not me at all. But then I started watching a couple of Raw episodes, and I was like, Oh, these girls are hot and they're kicking ass -- I think I can do that too. I definitely think that Vince [McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE] would like me to be a diva, and if he ever asked me I'd say yes.

Who do you think the gayest Jersey Shore guy is?
Definitely Mike ['The Situation' Sorrentino]. Everybody thinks that Mike is gay. I don't see it, but then again, sometimes I see it. He just loves himself to death. He always wants to look good, and he always has that image where he wants to hook up with girls just to prove a point. We know he can get girls; it's not a big deal. And he's always washing his face and doing [facial] masks. He put a mask on me in Seaside, and I was like, [suspiciously] 'Mike'?'