The Hot List: Orange is the New Black


By Editors

With season 2 of Netflix's hit series on the way, we caught up with the inmates

Laura Prepon

“Men never ask me out,” says Prepon. “I have an established career, I work, I support myself. And I find that it scares men, whereas women love it.” Perhaps these men and women are respectively repelled by and drawn to the ball-busting TV tomboys Prepon is best known for playing. Her role as the brash Donna on the hit sitcom That ’70s Show put her on the map, but that character seems cookie-cutter compared to OITNB’s Alex Vause, a seductive, drug-smuggling convict who toys with her ex and fellow inmate, Piper, one smoldering glance at a time. The endless psychosexual struggle between them is one of the series’ raciest, most engrossing story lines — it’s even pushed Prepon’s boundaries at times. “Nothing is taboo for Jenji [Kohan],” she says. “There are definitely some weeks where you read the script and are like, ‘Whoa, we’re going to have sex in a church.’ But it’s amazing. You do it, and afterward you’re really proud.” Prepon is equally proud of her newly minted lesbian sex symbol status, though the attention isn’t without complications. “One of my best friends is the manager of the Abbey, which is the biggest gay bar in L.A.,” she says. “I can’t go there. I used to, but I can't.” — Mike Berlin

Dress by That's Thefft. Sandals by Calvin Klein. Hair: Campbell McCauley/Solo Artists. Makeup: Spencer Barnes/Solo Artists.