The Hot List: Orange is the New Black


By Editors

With season 2 of Netflix's hit series on the way, we caught up with the inmates

Lea DeLaria

A “professional lesbian for 30 years” is how DeLaria, beloved by OITNB fans as the crass but wounded Big Boo, describes herself. Punch line: “Before then, I was freelance. I was never in the closet.”

The versatile comedian, actor, and singer has been busy writing a new comedy special, due later this year, as well as recording a covers album of David Bowie songs (working title: House of David: DeLaria + Bowie = Jazz). “In the showbiz world, if you’re like me — short hair, fat, butch, Italian, loud — you're up against a lot of obstacles,” she says. “So it’s a good idea to know how to do a lot of things…because you're going to need all of them to pay your rent.” But perhaps the biggest development in DeLaria’s life since OITNB premiered is the reaction she’s been getting from teenage boys. “They used to stop me on the street to spit at me,” she says. “Now they come up and hug me and say, ‘Big Boo is my favorite character.’ ” She pauses to reflect for a moment before adding, “She’s kind of like a teenage boy. So am I. A teenager in a suit.” — Liz Shannon Miller

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