The Hot List: Orange is the New Black


By Editors

With season 2 of Netflix's hit series on the way, we caught up with the inmates

Taylor Schilling

During her first months at Litchfield, Schilling’s character, the WASP-y new inmate Piper Chapman, had to chase a chicken, viciously beat down a fellow convict, and impersonate Michael Jackson. “If you’re female, blonde, and 25, there are a lot of girlfriend and wife parts, and I love that,” Schilling says. “But now I feel like I have more of a place at the table. I’ve really been given a part to play.”

For Schilling, Piper’s bisexuality (her onscreen fiancé is played by Jason Biggs, her prison love interest by Laura Prepon) is just one aspect of the role. “The inner logic of it is not that complicated — you fall in love with different people at different times,” says Schilling, who’s currently shooting a “small movie” with actor-director Mark Duplass. Though she’s tight-lipped about the details of the series’ second season, she will say this much: “I feel like the show develops a lot — everyone's voice becomes more solid. I really feel like those girls are my family. We head someplace together.” — Liz Shannon Miller

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