The Hot List: Orange is the New Black


By Editors

With season 2 of Netflix's hit series on the way, we caught up with the inmates

Laverne Cox

After finishing shooting season 2 of Orange Is the New Black as trans inmate Sophia Burset, Cox returned to writing her memoir and traveling the country on a college speaking tour. She’s also coproducing the forthcoming documentary Free CeCe, about the imprisonment of trans activist CeCe McDonald and the culture of violence surrounding trans women of color. “A lot of the social justice work I do keeps me grounded,” Cox says. “It’s now my job to amplify trans issues for those
who can't speak. I need to do this for them.”

Since competing on the first season of VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy in 2008, Cox has had to get used to discussing transgender issues with the press, for better or for worse. “I am so sick of talking about my transition,” she says. “It’s about so much more than that. It’s about being authentically who we are — which is true for everyone.” — Liz Shannon Miller

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