Hot List 2013: I'm So Excited!


By Jason Farago

Pedro Almodóvar returns with his most outrageous film in decades.

Almodóvar on...


Javier Cámara is a supremely gifted actor. He has a very distilled technique that isn’t noticeable. An all-purpose performer, he is one of the greats and will be even more so within 30 years. Javier will be a very good husband, abandoned by his wife or by his husband. And he will be a very good father -- I’m talking about fiction, in roles that have yet to arrive. He operates in the broadest spectrum of tones, genres, authors, and types of cinema. He’ll be wonderful as an actor in artsy cinema and will stand out in the same way in blockbusters. In both senses, he is the legitimate heir to the Spanish actor José Luis López Vázquez. I see him performing brilliantly in Chekhov, Jardiel Poncela, and Eduardo de Filippo. In Cabaret he could be the master of ceremonies or Sally Bowles herself. I repeat: He is one of the greats and one of ours. A very Spanish actor.