Watching the Pride Film, Mark Simpson Remembers LGSM & Mark Ashton

Mark Simpson remembers being part of the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners—and having a crush on Mark Ashton for ...

India’s Supreme Court Won’t Review Gay Sex Ban

Two judges have refused to review the Court’s December decision to up hold the ban

By Alex Panisch

Justin Bieber's Drag Race

The troubled pop star looks like a girl. Funny, right?

By Allyson Robinson

‏The Truth About Outing

And why ‏it's the best thing that ever happened to Aaron Schock

By Gal Uchovsky

Keith Haring Mural Under Wraps

As the Center begins new construction, the priceless Keith Haring mural must be protected

By Connor Durkin

The New Monogamists

A new generation of gay couples is building a white picket fence around their sex lives. Are they depriving themselves …

By Tim Murphy

What's It Like to Be Young & Gay in Russia?

Vice takes a look at what it’s like to be young, gay, and living in a country that encourages homophobia …

By Alex Panisch

The 'Outing' Debate

Why it continues, and the steps we can take to break the cycle of hypocrisy

By Lane Hudson

NBC Promises Political Coverage During Sochi Olympics

NBC Sports Group chairman promises LGBTQ issues will not be ignored

By Alex Panisch

Boy Scouts to Allow Gay Youth Beginning New Year's Day

BSA will openly accept openly gay men under the age of 18 beginning Jan. 1

By Jerry Portwood

Dear Aliens: Episode 7, The Best New Year's Ever

Having a rotten New Year's Eve turns out to be a fond memory, given enough distance. Jeffery Self documents his week for …

By Jeffery Self

Annise Parker to Marry Longtime Partner

The openly lesbian Mayor of Houston also confirmed she would run for a Texas statewide office in 2018

By Jerry Portwood

Alan Turing's Pardon Opens Door for 50,000 More

Prominent LGBT leaders want apologies and pardons for the 50,000-plus men charged in Britain with criminal …

By Neal Broverman

Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon

The man considered to be the father of modern computer science no longer guilty of 'indecency'

By Editors

Could This Be America’s First Out Imam?

The services by the first gay imam in the Americas are unorthodox and include side-by-side prayer for men and women, and …

By Matthew Breen

Utah Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Same-Sex Weddings Begin

...And 5 Other Things You Need to Know Today

By Editors