Calpernia Adams: Tranny Is a Dumb Word But Don't Ban It

A new movement cracks down on 50 years of LGBT culture.

Robert Redford Joins Marriage Fight

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

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Frank Ocean Takes It Off

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

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Croatian Official Slams Anti-Gay Wikipedia Edits

'Croatian pupils and students have been wronged by this,' said government minister of homophobic edits.

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WATCH: 3 Of Today's Most Anti-Gay Theories

Three anti-gay theories, each worse than the last.

By Andrew Belonsky

WATCH: Takei Takes On Google Glass, Putin

Actor tries on latest tech and compares Putin to Hitler.

By Andrew Belonsky

Religious Jock and Hip-Hop Station Love The Gays

Mister Cee and Steve Young are game changers.

By Andrew Belonsky

Have We Got Matthew Shepard All Wrong?

A new book argues that America’s most notorious hate crime was not a hate crime at all.

By Aaron Hicklin

COMMENTARY: Weir Cares for Himself, Not LGBTs

Michael Lucas says Olympian Johnny Weir's anti-boycott stance and wearing a Russian uniform is evidence he's more …

By Michael Lucas

Is The NFL Worried That Kerry Rhodes Is Gay?

And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today...

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WATCH: Author Claims 'Hidden Truths' In Shepard Murder

Stephen Jimenez says Shepard knew at least one of his killers.

By Andrew Belonsky

Hawaii Governor Pushes for Marriage Equality

The Aloha State will vote on same-sex marriage legislation at the end of October.

By Jesse Steinbach

Asking for It?

A consensual relationship with an older man seemed thrilling and adult — but now, it only creates gaps for self-doubt. …

By Sam Lansky

What's Next for Christine Quinn?

Christine Quinn thought she would be New York City's first lesbian mayor. That's not happening (for now).

By Andrew Belonsky

Mumbai Archbishop: Calling Gays Sinners Is 'Wrong'

Remarks came after Pope's "I don't judge" comment.

By Andrew Belonsky

Is This the New Condom?

Taken once daily, the pill Truvada can prevent HIV. It’s safe, effective, FDA -approved, and usually covered by health …

By Tim Murphy

WATCH: Christine Quinn on Having a Seat at The Table

Tomorrow is the Democratic primary for New York City mayor. The out candidate makes a case for LGBT votes.

By Robbie Imes