Sign of the Times: Nakedness in a Digital Age

In San Francisco, where nude men once gathered to chat in the sun and employees of Silicon Valley discover new ways ...

Tyler Clementi Felt Rejected by Mom

Clementi's parents give first interview since his death to 'People' magazine

By Jerry Portwood

Sodomites and Infidels Are Great Alternatives to Rick Perry

Second City spoofs Perry's "Strong" video with their own—"Weak, man"

By Mike Berlin

Andrew Embiricos: The Myth of the Tragic Gay Death

Parsing the controversy behind Andrew Embiricos.

By Editors

Rick Perry Manages to Offend Gays AND Non-Christians in Record Time

In a 30-second ad, the Texan politician calls gays in the military "wrong."

By Mike Berlin

The Kids Are All Right

Michele Bachmann's encounter with a budding activist shows how powerful a child's voice can be.

By Jon Roth

Bret Easton Ellis To Bullied Kids: Get Over It

"Man Up," says the author of 'American Psycho.'

By Max Berlinger

Jonah Mowry Is The Most Popular Bullied Gay Teen On The Internet

Brave kid's heartbreaking video met with outpouring of support

By Editors

Jamiel Terry: A Rising Son

When your father is famous for fighting abortion and same-sex marriage, how can you possibly come out?

By Jamiel Terry

13 of the Best Gay Marriage Videos

The recent Australian marriage ad inspired us to plumb the emotional depths of YouTube for more.

By Mike Berlin

Too Gay for the Times

Ralph Blumenthal's piece on the Gray Lady's stuffy vocab got us thinking of a few other choice words.

By Jon Roth

Student Schools Bachmann on Gay Rights

A high-schooler tries to reason with the candidate's insane logic.

By Mike Berlin

World AIDS Day

In honor of the decades‐long war against AIDS

By Raef Harrison

Barney Frank To Retire From U.S. Congress

Gay Massachusetts Congressman to step down after more than 30 years

By Adam Rathe

A Day With HIV in America

Styx legend Chuck Panozzo, AIDS research advocate who's been positive for the past 20 years, has become a spokesman for …

By Raef Harrison

Leaders Lock Lips To End Hate

United Colors of Benetton's newest ad campaign, "Unhate," promotes tolerance and love with a series of controversial …

By Jon Roth

Behind the Scenes Video of Out100: The Heroes

We speak to Daniel Hernandez, Don Lemon, Chaz Bono, Jared Max, Senator Mark Leno, Kye Allums, Revs Kathy Ragsdale and …

By Editors