Dandy Darkly on Why His 'Pussy Panic' is Not Woman-Hating

Ready to do anything for a laugh, Dandy Darkly explains why his 'Pussy Panic' is not misogynistic—it's just plain fun

Nikki Araguz vs. The State

Her childhood began in a welter of sexual confusion and ended when she was raped and infected with HIV. But the biggest …

By William Van Meter

Domestically Partnered

Signing a lease, out on a limb

By Nick Burd

Lady Bunny Sounds Off on Queer Activism

A week ago, gay marriage passed in New York and everyone whooped it up. I'd like to ask everyone who's …

By Lady Bunny

The Multiple Marriers

Author's note: In 2009, Paul David Wadler and Rick Brown had already been married three times: in Vermont (a civil …

By Steven Thrasher

Mark Simpson's Metrosexual Reflections

'Straight lads are such bloody tarts now,' my mate Farmer Dave observed, gazing at a young …

By Mark Simpson

Paris is 'Still' Burning

More than 20 years after the film was released, the Bronx's drag ball scene continues to thrive as a home for queer …

By Steven Thrasher

My Mother's Gift

My uncle is sitting cross-legged on the daybed, feeding sweets to my partner, Robert. We are in his ground-floor flat in …

By Rahul Mehta

The Accidental Activist

Here's a story that, in its particulars, is a fable of our times. A young, handsome actor by the name of Jonathan …

By Aaron Hicklin

Frenemies of Dorothy

I have seen our enemy, and his name is Andy Cohen. Curse you, you devilishly handsome centaur of silver fox and twinkish …

By Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Glenn Greenwald: Life Beyond Borders

For the investigative journalist behind The Guardian's scoop on the Obama administration's abuse of the Surveillance …

By Fred Bernstein

Gay, Conservative, and Fabulous

Dressed in a slinky black number, a glass of red wine swaying dangerously in one hand, the conservative TV pundit and …

By Aaron Hicklin

Serge Lutens: Perfume Genius

So who is Serge Lutens's father? Where does he come from? The Arab world? Algeria? Eastern Europe?I'll never …

By Abdella Taïa

Imitation of Life

When I started my new novel, Sing You Home, I was interested in why people who are opposed to gay rights feel that way. …

By Jodi Picoult

Geek Love

Working on a computer all day, I spend, embarrassingly, a significant amount of time eagerly scanning Facebook. I'd …

By Richard Lawson

Tyler Clementi: Shadows and Fog

[Editor's note: Nearly seven months after the suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, a grand jury has …

By Ilya Marritz