Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter & Mary Bonauto Gay Geniuses; Win MacArthur Grants

Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter, and Mary L. Bonauto named MacArthur Grant Fellos.

Preview of Barbara Walters' Interview with Obama on 'The View'

He talks about his views on DOMA, his support of same-sex unions, and other domestic issues

By Jerry Portwood

Evan Wolfson Wins Barnard College Award, Alongside President Obama

The Freedom to Marry Founder joined Obama on stage just days after the president's endorsement of gay marriage.

By Evan Lambert

Andrew Sullivan Calls Obama the 'First Gay President'

He explains why Obama’s 'Gay Awakening,' shouldn't be a surprise since his life as a biracial man has deep ties to the …

By Jerry Portwood

Happy M/Other's Day!

I gave birth to my baby, but I'm not a mother—I'm a transgender man.

By Trevor MacDonald

Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Has Finally Evolved

Nation waits to hear his thoughts on Madonna's latest album.

By Editors

San Diego Becomes First City with Harvey Milk Street

City Council unanimously votes to honor the slain LGBT leader. Will San Francisco follow suit?

By Joshua Gardner

'Will & Grace' Stars Thank Biden for Marriage Equality Support

Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing thank the veep for his public endorsement of same-sex marriage—and namecheck …

By Evan Lambert

Vice President Biden Supports Marriage Equality

Says on TV that he’s 'comfortable' with full marriage equality and supports equal rights for same-sex couples

By Jerry Portwood

Colorado Is One Step Closer to Having Civil Unions

The state's civil-union bill only has one more hurdle left before reaching the finish line and becoming a law.

By Evan Lambert

Romney's Gay Campaign Aide Resigns

Is it good or bad that Richard Grenell left Romney's camp?

By Jerry Portwood

Montana Congressional Candidate Releases Marriage Equality Ad

Congressional Candidate Dave Strohmaier says he'll "protect everyone's right to liberty and happiness" once he's elected …

By Evan Lambert

Dan Savage is Only Half Sorry

The sex columnist still thinks Christians can be hypocrites, is sorry he called them 'pansy-assed'

By Joshua Gardner

WATCH: Rachel Maddow On Her Own Unusual Coming Out Experience

She tells Wendy Williams about her coming out experience and why she loves Coco and Ice-T's portrayal of positive …

By Jerry Portwood

Editor's Letter: Set Ravi Free

The spotlight on teen suicide in the gay community was overdue, but it has also left us reaching for simplistic answers …

By Aaron Hicklin

Carl Kruger Sentenced to Seven Years for Crookedness, Tastelessness

Disgraced former New York state senator pled guilty but never pled gay

By Joshua Gardner

Jeremy Bernard: The Man Who Wields White House Invite Power

What does the social security actually do?

By Jerry Portwood