Watching the Pride Film, Mark Simpson Remembers LGSM & Mark Ashton

Mark Simpson remembers being part of the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners—and having a crush on Mark Ashton for ...

Benji Schwimmer’s Naked Truth

The dancer/choreographer calls us (naked from his hotel bathtub) to discuss the reactions of his 'coming out' video, his …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

School Bans Fifth Grader from Reading Marriage Equality Speech

Children prove they really are the future.

By Peter Frost

Ernst & Young CEO Criticizes Boy Scout Gay Ban

The latest in a long string of criticisms of the organization

By Peter Frost

Hillary Clinton Wishes You 'A Happy Pride'

The Secretary of State releases a video for Pride Month

By Peter Frost

Like Father, Like Son?

A gay dad learns to love—not fear— his (potentially) straight son.

By Dan Bucatinsky

Ray of Light

With the passing of sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury, one fan of his work realizes how his story 'All Summer in a Day' works …

By Rakesh Satyal

Gay Airman Randy Phillips Cycles for HIV/AIDS Charity

Support Phillips and the rest of the teams as they bike down the West Coast

By Alex Panisch

Meet Faygele Ben Miriam: Same-Sex Marriage's Jewish Pioneer

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eli Sanders looks into the history of a forgotten activist who can be credited with …

By Jerry Portwood

Ex-Gay Author Claims 'War' Against Christianity, Blames Anderson Cooper

Dr. Drew plays host to a 'pray the gay away' debate

By Peter Frost

Barack Takes Broadway

Obama gets a standing ovation in NYC alongside President Bill Clinton

By Peter Frost

Writer, Editor Dudley Clendinen Dies at 67

The lauded Southern journalist battled Lou Gehrig's disease until the end

By Peter Frost

New York State Senator Tom Duane Leaving Politics

Says he doesn't know what he'll do—but he won't become a lobbyist.

By Jerry Portwood

Bradley Manning is No Gay Hero

Why the LGBT community shouldn't honor this man's treachery

By James Kirchick

'It Gets Better' at Yale University

Students and professors come together and voice their support for the LGBTQ community

By Peter Frost

Why You Should Care About Mary Kay Henry

Reelected as leader of the Service Employees International Union, Henry discusses her positions of equality for workers …

By Jerry Portwood

Obama Campaign’s New Spot Showcases LGBT Victories

The President's recent declaration supporting same-sex marriage enters his administration's reelection campaign.

By Alex Panisch