Watching the Pride Film, Mark Simpson Remembers LGSM & Mark Ashton

Mark Simpson remembers being part of the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners—and having a crush on Mark Ashton for ...

Bryan Fischer Of American Family Association: Need Photos of Graphic Gay Sex

The right-wing fanatic seems to think more images would cause people to have less sex

By Jerry Portwood

David Rakoff Dead at 47

The remarkable essayist and wit was 47 years old.

By Editors

Jim Morrison Talks About Sexism at the Olympics

The pundit looks at gender inequality in the games

By Alex Panisch

Gore Vidal Dies at 86

The prolific man of letters and public intellectual died yesterday at his home in Los Angeles.

By Editors

Edie Windsor Vs. DOMA

The 83-year-old widow's case may be the best chance to overturn the law banning same-sex marriage

By Jerry Portwood

The Quilt Returns to Washington

The Names Project will show the entire AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington from July 21 to 25

By Fred Bernstein

My Life as a Bear

A former 'Out' editor learns to embrace his burly belly.

By James Collard

Yalies Look to Preserve Stories of Lives Lost to an Epidemic

Christopher Glazek and Richard Espinosa discuss the reason for the Yale AIDS Memorial Project

By Alex Panisch

Wake Up and Smell the Fingers

When I adopted my first child, everything changed.

By Dan Bucatinsky

Barney Frank and James Ready Wed

With his wedding, Frank becomes the first sitting congressman to have a same-sex marriage

By Editors

'The Advocate' Endorses President Obama for a Second Term

Matthew Breen explains the publications landmark decision to make an endorsement in the 2012 presidential election …

By Jerry Portwood

Anderson Cooper: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay'

Andrew Sullivan publishes an email from CNN's high-profile correspondent that corroborates years of speculation

By Jerry Portwood

Mary Cheney Marries

Dick Cheney's daughter weds longtime partner in Washington D.C.

By Peter Frost

Dan Savage Tries To Bully Right Wing With 'Homophobic Slurs'

It was all fun and games until he mentioned 'ankle grabbing.' And the f-word.

By Joseph Alexiou

New Heights

Cason Crane wants to be the first openly gay person to climb the Seven Summits—the tallest mountain on every continent …

By Ellis Liang

Alice Walker Refuses to Publish ‘The Color Purple’ in Israel

The Pulitzer-winning author cites Israel’s treatment of Palestinians

By Alex Panisch