Book of Matt Author Responds to Media Matters

Steve Jimenez challenges the watchdog organization to a public debate about the facts in his book about the Matthew ...

Fear & Loathing

The financial crisis in Greece has seen the fortunes of the far-right Golden Dawn party soar -- along with homophobia. …

By Ioannis Pappos

The Gay-Rights Election

Richard Socarides says politicians will recognize that their embrace of us is not only the right thing to do, but leads …

By Richard Socarides

The 2012 Election Will Go Down as the Year of Gay

Lane Hudson reflects on a night of electoral triumphs for the LGBT community.

By Lane Hudson

Husband Hunting Time, Gays Can Now Get Married in Almost 20% of the US

Not only was the first President to be openly supportive of the LGBT community re-elected last night, but states Maine, …

By Andrew Villagomez

Four For Four

Peter Staley, AIDS warrior and Out 100 honoree, reacts to yesterday's historic election.

By Peter Staley

Trans* Voters May Face Discrimination at the Polls

Transgender voters may be stopped if their appearance doesn't match the letter on the driver's license of birth …

By Jay Schwartz

Will Sicily Have Its First Gay Governor?

Rosario Crocetta leads against the right-wing Berlusconi candidate

By Editors

Man in the Mirror

My boyfriend is also my doppelganger. What’s wrong with that?

By Daniel D'Addario

They Have Starbucks in Cairo, Too

Globe-trotting gays penetrate Egypt deeper than ever.

By Jordan Gerstler-Holton

Twice Divided

For gay Palestinians, Tel Aviv is a precarious and complicated sanctuary.

By Michal Shmulovich

What OraQuick Means to Me

The pros and cons of testing for your HIV status at home.

By Andrew Belonsky

Twenty Shades of Gay

Has the world become gayer in the past 20 years? A young man who grew up in rural Michigan attempts to figure out why …

By Peter Frost

Recognition of Conversion Therapy as Harmful Spreads Through the U.K.

Britain's largest professional association for psychologists "recognises that the diversity of human sexualities is …

By Joseph Alexiou

Today's Double Whammy: Two Legal Victories For Gays

Maine marriage laws and conversion therapy

By Editors

Grisanti Wins Primary in Landslide After Marriage Equality Vote

Critics tried to smear him, but the New York state politician won, two other elections too close to call

By Jerry Portwood

What's Wrong With 'The New Normal'

One gay dad wishes for less kitsch and more class when potential gay fathers are portrayed on television

By Frank Bua