Are White Gay Men Too Privileged to Understand Racial Inequality?

We can sift through the minutiae of the killing of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and John Crawford, or we ...

The Boy Scouts Made Me Gay

The embattled institution helps young men discover their sexuality—including me

By Frank Bua

This Llama Farmer Was Fired for Being Gay

Meet the Kentucky man whose animal sanctuary is home to 51 llamas and more than 300 animals, but is struggling to …

By Jerry Portwood

Boston Fraternity Raises Money for Trans Brother

Brothers of Phi Alpha Tau at Emerson College campaign to pay for FTM top surgery

By Benjamin Lindsay

Time We Relay Our Love: Dr. Isaac Namdar’s Journey from Excommunication to Acceptance

When news of his marriage to his partner spread through his Orthodox Jewish and Middle Eastern community, Dr. Namdar was …

By Daniel Tehrani

The Tyler Clementi Center at Rutgers University

Members of the Clementi family and representatives of the Clementi Foundation will dedicate the academic facility …

By Editors

Chris Stedman: The Prophet

Chris Stedman is a gay atheist on a mission to find a common cause between the devout and the faithless. His compatriots …

By Sam Lansky

The Baby Dance: Showing & Telling

We've gone from keeping the surrogate twins a bit of a secret to letting more people know, which is exciting—and …

By Marc Leandro

Ed Koch Dies at 88

The former New York City mayor always insisted his sexuality was 'nobody's business'

By Jerry Portwood

The Squeaky Wheel Won Progress

If you don't ask, you don't get the grease

By Lane Hudson

Not Another Latino Experience

Maybe one day I won't have to prove I'm Hispanic—or gay—by performing as a stereotype

By Stephan Maldonado

The Baby Dance

After never imagining being parents, a couple now waits to know the sex of their twins

By Marc Leandro

Father Figure

How a gay man became a guardian and a mentor to a lost little girl -- my wife.

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Nate Silver: Person of the Year

His forecasts for the 2012 election became the talk of the chattering classes. Now that he's vanquished his critics, …

By Aaron Hicklin

Terrence McNally’s Golden Dawn

At home with the 74-year-old playwright discussing his play 'Corpus Christi' in Greece and how 'God has a gay gene' …

By Ioannis Pappos

Edie Windsor Vs. DOMA Going to Supreme Court

Supreme Court to hear the 83-year-old widow's case against DOMA

By Jerry Portwood

Pecs and Ass: The Age of Daniel Craig

Why straight men still fear being seen as objects of desire—and Daniel Craig is an inspiration for us all

By Mark O'Connell