How Joan Rivers Changed TV (and My Life)

In most of the obituaries for Joan Rivers, her time as the host of the nascent Fox network’s The Late Show Starring ...

WATCH: Anti-Gay Male French Protesters Strip

The most homoerotic demonstration ever? Can we trade them for Westboro Baptist idiots?

By Jerry Portwood

He's The Reason Boston's Shut Down Today

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev remains on the loose.

By Editors

8 Things You Must Know About the Meningitis Outbreak

The 411 on when you should call 911 for meningitis.

By Editors

Marriage For All: French Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage

Although the law will go back to National Assembly for a second reading, the French fight for marriage equality is …

By Michael Lambert

Uruguay Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Over 75% of lawmakers voted in favor of same-sex marriage in Uruguay, making it the second country to do so in South …

By Andrew Villagomez

Russian Activist In Amsterdam: Homeland Crackdown 'A Step Foward'

An eyewitness report from the anti-Putin protest held in Amsterdam yesterday.

By Maral Noshad Sharifi

Positive Voices: Attention Deficit Disorder

Peter Staley, who mesmerizes in the Oscar-nominated 'How to Survive a Plague,' explains why AIDS activism desperately …

By Peter Staley

The Baby Dance: Clearing Hurdles

Getting two dads listed on the birth certificate was the final legal issue

By Marc Leandro

Final Design for NYC AIDS Memorial Unveiled

The organization seeking to create the memorial revealed the latest renderings and launched its capital campaign

By Jerry Portwood

Gay Marriage, 1996/2013

Times have certainly changed since I asked my mother if her gay friends were married.

By Andrew Belonsky

Westboro Church's New Rainbow View

Literally, a home and new equality center across the Westboro Baptist Church gets a rainbow paint job

By Andrew Villagomez

Chicago Cancels Michelle Shocked After Anti-Gay Rant

Fans decrease and cancellations begin for the former female empowerment singer and lesbian icon

By Andrew Villagomez

At Vassar College, Love Conquers All

The school raised over $100,000 for LGBTQ charities in counter-protest to Westboro Baptist Church

By Matthew Ortile

The Baby Dance: Like Candy For A Baby

Fingers crossed, we're counting on luck to carry us the rest of the way home

By Marc Leandro

Wilfred Knight: Did DOMA Kill Him?

Some are blaming the recent double suicide of the adult film star and his husband on the long immigration battle they …

By Editors

Life 101: No More Drama

Sometimes de-cluttering your life means making some difficult, but powerful, choices

By John Kalinowski