Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter & Mary Bonauto Gay Geniuses; Win MacArthur Grants

Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter, and Mary L. Bonauto named MacArthur Grant Fellows.

France's First Gay Married Couple...

...And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

By Andrew Belonsky

How To Make 'Glee' Gay in Pakistan

'Taan' will push boundaries this fall.

By Andrew Belonsky

Gay Priest Comes Out

...And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

By Editors

Same-Sex Marriage: The Invisible War

The breaking of new boundaries inevitably exposes us to new ones. The expected recognition of same-sex marriage by the …

By Gilles Herrada

The Baby Dance: My Trip Down Mammary Lane

Learning how to collect breast milk to feed my surrogate twin boys

By Marc Leandro

Gay Soldier's Parents Celebrate Memorial Day

The fight for marriage equality is part of broader struggle.

By Editors

Trans Student Starts Nonprofit to Fund Others’ Surgeries

College senior Jacob Rostovsky needs your help to change someone’s life

By Benjamin Lindsay

Minnesota Viking 'Not With' Marriage Equality...

...And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

By Editors

Boy Scouts Lift Ban On Gay Youth...

...And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

By Editors

New Fire Island Pavilion Channels Old Attitude

Fire Island Pavilion developers look back to original Pavilion.

By Andrew Belonsky

Comic Book Illustrates Gay History

The Stonewall Riots are getting the comic book treatment.

By Andrew Belonsky

Editor's Letter: The Kissing Revolution

I remember looking at those images of lip-locked couples under the statue of Anteros and being titillated and inspired. …

By Aaron Hicklin

No Pavilion Opening And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

Also, Donald Rumsfeld is misguided on marriage equality.

By Editors

Shel Silverstein Covered Fire Island For 'Playboy'

The beloved children's author traveled to Fire Island in 1965.

By Andrew Belonsky

The End of the Entitlement Era

Sam Lansky grew up never questioning his gay idyll, but with a recent spate of hate crimes in New York City, he finds …

By Sam Lansky

Gay Filmmaker Wants To Understand The South

Christian Hendricks hopes 'South of The Ohio' will shed light on a complicated region.

By Andrew Belonsky