Mel England on Best Day Ever: Gay Mid-Life & The American Dream

Actor Mel England ponders what it means to have equal rights — just to be normal and grow old

Aussie DJ Who Asked PM About 'Gay' BF Fired

After suspending shock jock, radio station lets him go.

By Andrew Belonsky

Watch: Dan Savage On Ending 'Ex-Gay' Camps

Journalist suggests putting a sign in the heavens.

By Andrew Belonsky

Is UFC Fighter's Apology Worse Than 1st Offense?

Yes, he really uses NAMBLA to defend himself.

By Andrew Belonsky

Watch: Obama Pushes ENDA At WH Pride Event

Commander-in-Chief says he wants to end employment discrimination.

By Andrew Belonsky

The Third Generation of Gay

Gay D-day, June 24, is approaching fast. Will the Supreme Court make a decision?

By Frank Bua

Rape Behind Bars

Michael Lucas on Milan Gamiani and the tragedy of prison rape

By Michael Lucas

Nike Expands Its #BeTrue Gay Pride Line

And it appears recently out NBA player Jason Collins is the line's new spokesman.

By Andrew Belonsky

Marco Rubio Does Anti-Gay Double Act

...And 5 Other Things You Should Know Today.

By Editors

Art As Diplomacy at The Out in the Tropics Festival

'Artists do the international diplomacy that governments fail to do...'

By Andrew Belonsky

Watch: Aussie PM Dismisses 'Absurd' Gay Rumors About Hairdresser Partner Tim

Just because a man is a hairdresser doesn't mean he's gay, says PM Julia Gillard.

By Andrew Belonsky

Man of Steel (Magnolias)

It was Superman who gave Mark O'Connell his first inkling of abs, thighs—and everything in-between

By Mark O'Connell

Bill Lunn's Accidental 'F-Bomb'

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Editors

Catholic-Owned Media Company Will Sell Erotica, But Not Gay Lit

Weltbild peddles 'Lawyer's Whore' but reverses course on gay themes.

By Andrew Belonsky

Gay Film's Poster Freaks Out Parisian Suburbs

French Culture Minister calls poster's removal "an act of censorship."

By Andrew Belonsky

The Limited Tropes of Gayness

Pop musician Chris Cali on going against the grain and embracing male pronouns.

By Chris Cali

Texas Teen Comes Out in High School Graduation Speech

Teenager Mitch Anderson's insightful and wise speech hits all the right notes.

By Andrew Belonsky