Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter & Mary Bonauto Gay Geniuses; Win MacArthur Grants

Alison Bechdel, Samuel D. Hunter, and Mary L. Bonauto named MacArthur Grant Fellows.

Marco Rubio Does Anti-Gay Double Act

...And 5 Other Things You Should Know Today.

By Editors

Art As Diplomacy at The Out in the Tropics Festival

'Artists do the international diplomacy that governments fail to do...'

By Andrew Belonsky

Watch: Aussie PM Dismisses 'Absurd' Gay Rumors About Hairdresser Partner Tim

Just because a man is a hairdresser doesn't mean he's gay, says PM Julia Gillard.

By Andrew Belonsky

Man of Steel (Magnolias)

It was Superman who gave Mark O'Connell his first inkling of abs, thighs—and everything in-between

By Mark O'Connell

Bill Lunn's Accidental 'F-Bomb'

...And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

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Catholic-Owned Media Company Will Sell Erotica, But Not Gay Lit

Weltbild peddles 'Lawyer's Whore' but reverses course on gay themes.

By Andrew Belonsky

Gay Film's Poster Freaks Out Parisian Suburbs

French Culture Minister calls poster's removal "an act of censorship."

By Andrew Belonsky

The Limited Tropes of Gayness

Pop musician Chris Cali on going against the grain and embracing male pronouns.

By Chris Cali

Texas Teen Comes Out in High School Graduation Speech

Teenager Mitch Anderson's insightful and wise speech hits all the right notes.

By Andrew Belonsky

Watch: NYPD Cops Beat Gay Man In Bed-Stuy

Was this homophobia or ego-tripping?

By Andrew Belonsky

Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter

...And 5 other things You need to know today.

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Gay-Friendly Harry, A Prince Among Men

Royal heir stepped up to stop homophobia in his battalion.

By Andrew Belonsky

Glenn Greenwald: Same as Bradley Manning?

Whistleblowing isn't about secrets and lies. It's about private and public.

By Andrew Belonsky

'Texts from Hillz' Makes A Brief Return

Freedom to Work uses beloved meme to pressure President Obama.

By Andrew Belonsky

Roger Ailes's Gay Fear Is Legendary

This tale is worth retelling.

By Andrew Belonsky

Homophobia Doubles On Twitter...

...And 5 Other Things We Learned Today

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