Mel England on Best Day Ever: Gay Mid-Life & The American Dream

Actor Mel England ponders what it means to have equal rights — just to be normal and grow old

Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon

The man considered to be the father of modern computer science no longer guilty of 'indecency'

By Editors

Could This Be America’s First Out Imam?

The services by the first gay imam in the Americas are unorthodox and include side-by-side prayer for men and women, and …

By Matthew Breen

Utah Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Same-Sex Weddings Begin

...And 5 Other Things You Need to Know Today

By Editors

Uganda Passes Inhumane Anti-Gay Law

“Aggravated homosexuality” now punishable by life in prison

By Alex Panisch

Billy Francesca: Advice From an Idiot on The Holiday Blues (and Teals and Ultramarines)

Guest columnist Billy Francesca may be an idiot, but as one of L.A.’s premier party promoters and half-drag nightlife …

By Billy Francesca

Russian LGBT Activists Stage Gay Kiss-In at IKEA

The protest was in response IKEA removing a lesbian story from its Russian catalogue

By Alex Panisch

Top French Officials Won’t Attend Sochi Olympics

The French foreign minister did not give a reason for the boycott

By Alex Panisch

UN To India: Rethink Gay Sex Ban

The UN high commissioner on human rights urges the nation to rethink Section 337

By Alex Panisch

Putin Doubles Down On Gay Hate

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

By Alex Panisch

Australia Re-Bans Same-Sex Marriage

The country’s High Court has re-banned same-sex marriage in the Australian Capital Territory

By Alex Panisch

India Reinstates Gay Sex Ban

The Indian Supreme Court has upheld the 153-year-old colonial law

By Alex Panisch

German President Boycotts Sochi Olympics

President Joachim Gauck is the first major political figure to boycott the games

By Alex Panisch

Prospective AIDS Cure Fails In 2 Boston Patients

The virus has returned in patients previously believed to be free of the disease

By Alex Panisch

CDC Reports Rise In Unprotected Sex Among Gay Men

Health activists find this trend worrisome

By Alex Panisch

Open Letter: Greg Louganis Congratulates Tom Daley For Coming Out

A mentor to a new generation of athletes, the Olympic legend says it's 'time to focus on your diving'

By Greg Louganis