Lady Bunny Sounds Off on Queer Activism


By Lady Bunny

With "don't ask, don't tell" repealed, marriage starting to swing our way, and gays all over TV, is there a perception that there's not much left to fight for? While there have been hard-won gains to be thankful for, an upswing in hate crimes often follows each one. Tennessee just approved a law which makes it illegal for cities to pass laws to protect government workers from discrimination, but at least they can hire them -- Virginia's governor has banned gay employees altogether! Are gays in these states country bumpkins whom we don't need to fool with, or are they our sisters and brothers? To me, one of the most alarming signs of mainstream hatred of gays came from The Family, the right-wing think tank, which helped craft Uganda's notorious "Kill the Gays" legislation. If you think Obama was a skunk for booking fundamentalist antigay Pastor Rick Warren to speak at his inaugural, he also dignified the "religious" monsters of The Family by speaking at their annual prayer breakfast. It's very alarming to see our president breaking bread with a wealthy hate group.

Our much-vaunted democracy cannot work without a knowledgeable, engaged electorate. If we aren't even involved in our own quest for equality, how can we consider ourselves to be responsible members of the community at large? And aren't we simply selfish if we focus solely on issues that affect us personally? It only stands to reason that we should appraise those in the straight world who had our backs on marriage equality. It's Democrats who, in New York, managed to sway a few Republicans over to our side. Yet in the last mid-term elections, many disgruntled gays trended Republican, a party that never supports gay rights or anything else progressive. We need to join progressives, not dump them because we're impatient! Our positions need to make sense if we're going to achieve anything. Or would that mean that we'd actually need an active gay movement? Thankfully, DVR now allows most of us to participate without missing episodes of Project Runway. Our rights should come first, and something's very wrong if they don't.

We recently celebrated (or not) the 42nd anniversary of Stonewall, a raucous rebellion against the establishment that gave birth to the gay rights movement. The participants viciously attacked the police, threw things, and were carted off to jail in a passionate display that screamed, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" We're not even mad anymore so most of us gladly take it. (Insert bottom joke here.) Nowadays, the closest most come to protest is changing our middle names to "Equality" on Facebook. I'm sure that our political and religious enemies with their vast corporate backings are just shaking in their shoes at our ferociousness. Let's just hope that the gays in the military have more fight than the rest of us, or we are truly sunk.

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