Lady Bunny: Stop The Insani-TEA


By Lady Bunny

Alan Cumming recently wrote that he was so fed up with Democrats' inaction on gay issues that he was tempted to note vote in the midterm elections. This comes after two years of hearing gays whine 'I voted for Hillary' whenever someone gripes about Obama. Well, Hillary isn't running in the approaching midterms. So stop being such babies and deal with the choices in front of you. Or prepare to lose -- big.

A low turnout is predicted but there's so much at stake. If we stay home because we're dissatisfied with Obama, the Democrats, the economy (which Bush, not Obama, left in tatters), the fact that DADT hasn't been repealed or that we can't get married, we could allow the Tea Party to elect candidates to represent their districts. But once in office, they won't just be making laws for their districts. They'll be voting on issues that affect the whole country.

I'm disenchanted with the Obama administration and the current Congress, too. But I'll take disenchanted over petrified any day -- and that's what I am of Tea Party candidates. If your primary agenda is repealing DADT and allowing same-sex marriage, you can kiss both of these goodbye if they triumph. No, Obama hasn't repealed DADT, but he has promised it's repeal on his watch. And he's kept most of his promises so far. How many Republican lawyers support its repeal or even pay lip service to it?

And Christine O'Donnell, the Tea Party candidate from Delaware, considers masturbation to be adultery. How do you think this nut views gays' right to marry? Or hell, to even exist? Many Tea Party candidates, like O'Donnell, are so viciously antiabortion that they'd force a rape victim, even one who was impregnated by a relative, to give birth to that child. Forget about your baby daddy and imagine the shame of your daddy's baby. Most, on both sides of the aisle, would agree that zero tolerance for abortion is an incredibly extreme and heartless position.