Bitches, it's Madonna's Early Christmas Gift

The singer releases six songs early after leaked demos hit the web

Missy Higgins Sells Out Le Poisson Rouge

The singer from Down Under won over the crowd at her recent New York City performance

By Alex Panisch

Sigur Ros is Funnier Than You Think.

(Just not in this picture.)

By Jason Lamphier

French Pop Act Finds Novel Use for Gay Porn

We can’t tell if The Aikiu’s ‘Pieces of Gold’ video is SFW or not

By Alex Panisch

Need to Know: Deep Time

Quality time with Deep Time is a good time

By Alex Panisch

Kele Okereke Named 2012’s ‘Sexiest Man in Indie Rock’

Rockers Anand Wilder and Michael Angelakos round out the top three

By Alex Panisch

Madonna Breaks Down Into Tears During ‘Like a Virgin’

At a show in Berlin, Madge started crying onstage

By Alex Panisch

LISTEN: Playlists for Every Occasion

Songza provides a soundtrack to every moment of your life

By Editors

Kat Solar Flares Up at ‘Snake Eyes’ Release Party

Solar demonstrates that she has diva DNA

By Alex Panisch

Ra Ra Riot Rocked The Box

The indie band’s show last night proved that it’s best when you do it live

By Alex Panisch

Light it Up

'Sparkle' is more than a send-off -- it's a celebration.

By Adam Rathe

LISTEN: Owl City and Carly Rae Jespen’s ‘Good Time’ Out Today

The pair delivers on their promise of a ‘Good Time’

By Alex Panisch

Billboard Lists 21 Gay Music Moments

It’s more than just a 'Lady Gaga best-of', we promise

By Alex Panisch

START DANCING: VEVO's Gay Pride Music Video Playlist and VEVO team up to feature the best beats and visuals for celebrating LGBTQ freedom!

By Editors

WATCH: Scissor Sisters! Sharon Needles! Bill Cosby! Raquel Welch! Boy George! Bea Arthur!

This video will change the way you think forever

By Editors

‘Primadonna’ Lip-synced by New York’s Best and Booziest

Watch the 'Marina & the Diamonds' hit get a downtown upgrade

By Alex Panisch

Is Wham! About to Reunite?

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley may be releasing their first single together in 26 years

By Joseph Alexiou