Prepare for new direction for gay films as Outfest combines w/ NewFest

A new direction for gay movies as Outfest combines with NewFest

Sex and the City Two: The Most Panned Movie Since Ishtar

The Reviews are in' and they stink. Somehow we don't expect the following will make on to the promotional ads in …

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Kate Bornstein: When Bad Movies Happen To Good People

Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives is a bad film with a few good things going for it -- and a lot of angry people going …

By Kate Bornstein

Outfest 2009

Another Outfest has come and gone. And that fact truly saddens me. For while I am totally viewed out, (41 screenings) …

By Eddie Shaprio

Portrait Of The Artist (As An Old Man)

In the middle of 1985, it became unavoidably clear that Christopher Isherwood was dying. Almost from the time he was …

By Bruce Shenitz

Tops and Bottoms (and Some Middles) at Outfest 2007

I'm bleary-eyed, exhausted, and schmoozed-out. Also moved, informed, and enlivened. I drank free booze (copiously), …

By Eddie Shapiro

Outfest Turns Silver

Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, celebrated its silver anniversary on July12th when it kicked off …

By Bryan Buss

Summer Movie Recap!

The Da Vinci Code'The book is such a wild yarn that it's undeniably fun, and the film version is even better …

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Neil Patrick Harris: A Man's Man

The openly gay actor is doing what many in Hollywood said was impossible. But don't call him an advocate.

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