A Tom Riddle-reminiscent Dan DeHaan fights for his life in a "wellness center" that's seriously unwell.  

December 20 2016 1:29 PM

“I had your job once – I was good at it.” 

December 19 2016 2:31 PM

“It looked like you were washing your vagina in the sink."

December 16 2016 2:06 PM

Growing Up Coy follows the inspiring story of schoolgirl Coy Mathis and her family's fight for transgender bathroom rights in Colorado.

December 15 2016 4:47 PM

"I'm not sure that I could make it—which kind of makes me want to."

December 15 2016 2:06 PM

Babs, queens, and The Lion King.

December 15 2016 12:30 PM