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Michael Musto

Read the latest news from Michael Musto, a prominent gay writer based in New York City. Catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and commentary of Musto, a former columnist of the Village Voice who is credited with bringing national media attention to the murder of Angel Melendez by Club Kid King Michael Alig. Discover the writing of Michael Musto, which is featured on Out as well as other publishers like the New York Times, Daily Beast, and W magazine.

Also: Sneak peeks at She Loves Me And Disaster!

January 25 2016 8:30 AM

Gloria Estefan congas! Noises Off zings!

January 19 2016 8:15 AM

Also: Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore talk Carol

January 11 2016 9:00 AM

Also: “Yes, I dated Barry Manilow”

January 04 2016 12:32 PM

Also: Fiddler, Annie, Michael Moore, Room, and Joy

December 28 2015 9:30 AM

A Look Back at 2015’s Gayest Show Biz Moments

December 21 2015 10:00 AM

What a world, what a year. Here’s the first half of my look at the lavender-tinted events that made 2015 the gayest year since 2014.

December 17 2015 9:00 AM