Goodbye Damian, Hello Daniel Franzese: 'there's no such thing as too gay'

Ten years after Mean Girls, the actor is so gay, it functions

Looking GIF-cap: The B-Word

Dom turns 40 and Patrick drops the b-word

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Murray Bartlett on Faking an Orgasm on Looking

Plus: Discussion of other typical sexual stereotypes people have for Australians

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Looking GIF-cap: Ross, Rachel And O-Faces

Patrick gets his Ross on in episode 5

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Looking Sneak Peek: 'Smile!'

Raúl Castillo's toothy grin gets special attention this week, so be prepared to swoon

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WATCH: Jonathan Groff Reflects on Pigeons, Poppers & Fred Durst

The Looking star gets deep inside Watch What Happens Live's green room

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Looking GIF-cap: When At Folsom Street Fair...

The guys visit the famed leather festival in episode 4

By Stacy Lambe

WATCH: Sneak Peek of Jonathan Groff in Leather

The infamous Folsom Street Fair episode of Looking is finally here!

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WATCH: Drew Droege's Hilarious HBO Parody, Not Looking

Chloe ditches the wig for three gay friends in a new parody of HBO's new series

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Looking GIF-cap: Ahoy to the Sexy New Faces

Russell Tovey makes his debut and more GIFs from episode 3

By Stacy Lambe

Looking GIF-cap: Mac-n-Cheese for One

GIFs from episode 2

By Stacy Lambe

Catching Up With Raúl Castillo, Looking's Richie

'I hope the show does for other people what it did for me and my family, which is start a conversation.'

By Jesse Steinbach

Sex Tips Co-Author Loathes Girls, Likes Looking

Also, Carol Channing’s wacky gender confusion

By Michael Musto

WATCH: Sneak Peek of Looking Episode 2

In the second episode of Looking, we see how awkward a first date can be

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Looking GIF-cap: Meet the Boys

Get to know Augustin, Dom and Patrick

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Russell Tovey: I Look Like "A Little Pale Street Urchin"

Ahem, the cutest little pale street urchin

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Looking Clip: Jonathan Groff Gets Invited to His Ex's Bachelor Party

HBO has shared a new clip ahead of the show's Sunday premiere

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