4 (Good) Soccer Player Haircuts


By Julien Sauvalle

Get the look: Are you team Rogers, team Piqué, team Neymar, or team Giroud?

Olivier Giroud, French
Team: Arsenal F.C., France National Team

Stylist: Vaughn Acord

The look:

"This is more of a waxed look; you have a very close shave on the sides and the back. Players can find their own individualism with the short hair look by playing with side burns and facial hair. Giroud is giving us somewhat of a bouffant hair style, controlled with clean wax to give texture to the hair. He's using just enough product to add weight without it getting in the way. The right product will control the length, the thickness, and the density of a hairstyle like this."

How to style:

"Part the hair on the side to give it clear direction, then comb it out. As the hair air-dries, you can add a wax into it and then work it through to manipulate it, just like you would put lotion on your face. The key is that the wax should be a light, controlling wax that has enough weight to it, but has a clean and pliable finish. Try V76 Molding Paste ($26, 1.7 oz), which has the right balance between hold and flexibility for longer hair. Forget about natural oil or petrolatum; these products don’t wash off."

Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty