Body Ready: Performance Grooming With Swimmer Amini Fonua


By Julien Sauvalle

Openly gay swimmer Amini Fonua shares his manscaping tips

Photographed by Roger Erickson for Out's August 2013 Sports issue.

A competitor in the men’s 100-meter breaststroke at the 2012 London Olympics, New Zealand–born swimmer Amini Fonua made even more waves when he came out last year. Between two competitions, Tonga’s flag bearer at the Games took a moment to share his manscaping tips for a sporty summer:

"Swimmers have the reputation to be very smooth," Fonua says, "but the fact is that, when we're training, we try to stay as hairy as possible to increase our body's resistance in the water. The hair slows you down, so it's even more dramatic when you shave it all off before the competition. Even women don't shave their legs. Once you get rid of all your body hair, you can feel the water much better, your senses are heightened."

"The first step before grooming is to exfoliate your body," Fonua says. "A good razor will get rid of the dead skin that’s on top of it, but a scrub will make sure your pores are open, and it will reduce shave burn. When I shower, I use Skin Grit by Raw Materials ($28, 6.5 fl oz, at It’s one of my personal favorite, and it’s 100 % organic. But any exfoliant you can find will work, used along with a luffa sponge."

"I’m naturally pretty hairy, so shaving can be a long process," Fonua says. "I will use the clipper attachment on my Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler ($26.99) to trim the hair first, and then shave closely with a razor. I also like lathering up with Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Face Scrub: It generates heat when you apply it, and opens up the pores to prevent ingrown hair. If you're prone to razor burn, think about cleaning your razor and switching up the blade frequently to reduce ingrown hair."

"With chest hair I usually go with the grain with the Gillette Body Razor ($8.99), but for legs I go against the grain, because it gives me a closer shave," Fonua says. "You can use the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler to eliminate excess hair, and follow with a close shave with the razor."

"Swimmers would get disposable razors and use one for each body part. Athletes shave places that aren’t even hairy, because they want to expose the skin and feel everything better in the water. It’s a very strange thing. People think it’s for vanity, but it's really about enhancing the performance. Though everybody looks very good, I’ll say that! Teammates will usually shave each other’s back. It’s a bit homoerotic, I guess. Just make sure you groom with someone who knows what he’s doing."