Body Ready: Six Manscaping Essentials


By Julien Sauvalle

The best tools & products for body grooming


Choose your grooming tool according to your body hair preferences.

For a natural look:

Wahl Li+ Trimmer, $44.99, at

Adepts of the well-kept, trimmed look should opt for an electric shaver to save considerable amounts of time and effort. Invest in an all-in-one product like Wahl's rechargeable body groomer: Lightweight and easy to use, it comes with three separate length attachements to help you get the right amount of body hair. The smaller detail head included is also a convenient add-on to snip off unsightly nose and ear hair.

For a smooth finish:

Gillette Body Razor, $8.99, at

The first body razor specifically conceived for men is a game-changer for those who prefer to keep everything completely bare. The rounded head is perfect to reach those tough spots on your armpits, your back, and your scalp. Paired with your favorite shaving gel, the three lubricated floating blades and its anti-slip silicon handle make for a nice and easy grip-and-glide experience, even when you're using it in the shower.

For touch ups:

Matte For Men Tweezers, $16, at
Nothing beats good ol' tweezers to prevent your eyebrows from getting too chummy with one another. Get tweezers with a slant tip, better for precision work and to extract ingrown hair.